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Support Coordination NDIS Provider Newcastle

Support Coordination Newcastle

We relieve stress and confusion in NDIS planning

Your partner on the NDIS journey.

NDIS support coordination is crucial for participants to get the most consistent and relevant care.

We understand the process can be confusing and stressful.

We relieve that stress and empower our clients to make the most of their funding. We assist you through the bureaucracy to help you understand what options you have within your NDIS plan.

Our NDIS coordination of supports ensures our clients across the Newcastle and Hunter region can live a more dignified and healthier life in a way which gives them choice and control over their future.

“Our interdisciplinary team work closely with our clients and families, coming together to develop meaningful solutions that safe guard dignity, inspires joy and enables growth.”

Paramount Care Solutions

What we support you to achieve

Your NDIS Provider guiding you to develop the best NDIS plan for your goals.

NDIS Support Coordination Newcastle NSW

Work out your goals.

Every individual is different in what they want.

NDIS Support Coordination Newcastle NSW

Work with you to see what the best options are for your life.

NDIS Support Coordination Newcastle NSW

Help you get the best value and support within your NDIS budget.

NDIS Support Coordination Newcastle NSW

Source the best providers who offer excellent care whilst ensuring you do not lose you.

Support Coordination Newcastle NSW

Capacity building.

We empower you, your family and allied health professionals in ways that give you control over your future.

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