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What Is Support Coordination?

Making the most of your support plan is easier by support coordination. So, what is Support Coordination? This is an NDIS-funded service that is intended to help you make the most of your NDIS funding allocation. The service helps you recognise how to use your NDIS strategy to further objectives, assisting you with access to NDIS providers (such as Paramount Care Solutions), community and government services and developing confidence and skills. Paramount Care Solutions collaborate with you to explore your alternatives and suggest where and how you can get any further support you might require.

Additionally, we have developed dependable connections to help you achieve your objectives, we can put you in touch with the greatest service providers in the business.

How Do Support Coordinators Help?

When creating your NDIS plan, it’s simple to become confused by the variety of service providers available. You could find it challenging to make the best decision for you without conducting thorough research or having access to the appropriate information. This is where a support coordinator can help. Ways that a support coordinator could help include:

  • Access many community support alternatives
  • Make a decision regarding service providers and contract terms
  • Establish and maintain budgets
  • Review and adjust any supports as necessary
  • Outline all options available to you
  • Crisis management if an issue occurs
  • Plan knowledge

Your support coordinator is someone you can discuss any concerns you may have regarding your plan. But their most crucial function is to guide your decisions and make you feel confident in your choices, through understanding your plan, setting goals, and managing support. The job of a support coordinator can vary and calls for strong relationship communication, experience in handling crises and concerns, and a solid understanding of the NDIS, at Paramount Care Solutions we understand that everyone is different so get in touch to understand what the best option is for your future.

Support Coordination Through your NDIS Plan

Your NDIS plan and funding is based on what is ‘reasonable and necessary’ for you to achieve your goals. Therefore Support Coordination can be accounted for in the capacity building budget of the NDIS plan where reasonable funds are outlined. This funding can be flexible or where the amount of support coordination funded by your plan is not specified, meaning people have the ability to purchase the level of support coordination that best meets their needs or a fixed plan where clients acquire the specific support coordination that is described and funded in the plan.

An NDIS Support Coordination qualification and experience means that you have the right person on your team to help you understand the terminology within your plan and can answer any questions you may have. If this seems appropriate for you contact NDIS support team Paramount Care Solutions to discuss potential options and assistance. All NDIS providers and workers – both registered and unregistered – have an obligation to promote the safety of participants under the NDIS Code of Conduct so you can ensure you or your loved ones are taken care of.

Why Paramount Care Solutions?

For participants to receive the most consistent and appropriate care, NDIS support coordination is essential. At Paramount Care Solutions we are aware that the procedure can be challenging and complicated. We reduce the stress and pressure by giving our clients the tools they need to maximise their money and plan. We help you navigate the complexities of the NDIS plan so you can learn about the possibilities available to you. Our coordination of NDIS support guarantees that our customers may live more honourably and healthily, giving them choice and control over their future, throughout the Newcastle and Hunter region.

Having a solid support system around makes achieving your goals much simpler. Your support coordinator at Paramount Care Solutions will become an important member of your team who will collaborate with you to build the abilities and resilience you need to succeed. Contact the team today and see how we can help you.

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