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Supported Independent Living (SIL) Newcastle

Supported daily independent living services with friendly care and respect

Your professional in-home, in-group and shared living care NDIS Provider.

Our job is to ensure home is where our clients and their families feel more relaxed, clean, nourished, secure and healthier.

Whatever your in-home, in-group or shared-living NDIS needs we can accommodate for clients of any age, from infancy and beyond.

Our clients may just need occasional support to take care of household jobs or help with washing and dressing. Perhaps it is just a short-term arrangement needed for daily personal care while a carer is away. For high-intensity assistance we provide around the clock support, live-in carers or a professional to stay overnight.

For our clients across the NSW Hunter and Central Coast we strive toward achieving at home or supported independent living with friendly care and respect so our clients can live a more dignified, joyful and healthier life.

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What support we offer

Whether you need occasional support for independent living or high-intensity assistance, our NDIS services will help you achieve a more dignified, joyful and healthier life.

SIL services Newcastle

Personal care

From washing and grooming to help going to the bathroom, our support staff give our clients a friendly and dignified service.

Supported Independent Living SIL Newcastle NDIS Provider

Assistance with household tasks

We assist with those everyday jobs from preparing meals, yard work, cleaning linen, cleaning the house, doing the shopping, and paying the bills.

Supported Independent Living SIL Newcastle NDIS Provider

Nursing and specialist care

We help our clients with their medication and medical treatment to manage their health and recover and rehabilitate from illness and injury.

Supported Independent Living SIL Newcastle NDIS Provider


We can get you to and from your medical, school or job appointments, and social activities.

NDIS SIL Newcastle Services

Capacity building.

We enable independence with specialist behaviour support, and physical wellbeing activities that develop skills to live as autonomously as possible. We can also assist you to reach your professional goals through transition to school, assistance with work experience or volunteer work.

Supported Independent Living SIL Newcastle NDIS Provider

Guidance on individualised living options.

For clients with significant behavioural challenges, we can guide them where to live, who to live with and how they can be best supported at home or in shared-living.

Supported Independent Living SIL Newcastle Disability Housing

Guidance on equipment and products.

The NDIS call it support to purchase ‘assistive technology and consumables’. We guide our clients on what things will improve their lives and keep them safe which can be funded through the NDIS.

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Where Do We Provide Supported Independent Living?

At Paramount Care Solutions, we deeply value the essence of independence and recognise its significance in every individual's journey to living a fulfilling life. Our Newcastle Supported Independent Living (SIL) program is designed to offer individuals the right balance between autonomy and the necessary assistance, ensuring they can confidently navigate daily life in their chosen environments.


A dynamic city with its roots steeped in culture and history, Newcastle has been one of our primary locations for offering Supported Independent Living services. Our team in Newcastle is dedicated to understanding the unique requirements of the city’s residents, ensuring that every individual receives the support tailored to their specific needs.

Lake Macquarie

The picturesque surroundings of Lake Macquarie resonate with tranquillity, and our presence in this region is fuelled by our desire to merge the serenity of the location with the comfort of independent living. Our SIL program in Lake Macquarie is specifically designed to meet the local needs, ensuring that each resident feels both supported and empowered.

Hunter Valley

As a region renowned for its natural beauty and sprawling vineyards, Hunter Valley presents its own set of unique living dynamics. Our local team, familiar with the essence of the region, provides SIL services that echo the distinctiveness of Hunter Valley, ensuring individuals experience a seamless blend of support and freedom.


Tamworth’s rich tapestry of traditions and its musical legacy make it a city of soulful rhythms. Paramount Care Solutions’ SIL services in Tamworth are harmonised to the city’s beat, providing support that feels intuitive and naturally integrated into the suburb.

Across all these regions, Paramount Care Solutions is unwavering in its commitment to excellence in Supported Independent Living. From Newcastle to Tamworth, our promise is consistent: to deliver services that enhance life, promote independence, and resonate deeply with the communities we serve.

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Trusted to deliver the best in NDIS support to the NSW Hunter & Central Coast

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